New PS4 Flaw Creates a Possibility to Jailbreak PS4


It’s common for game consoles to get hacked but the concerned people soon take control and restrict hackers from doing any heavy damage. However, this time, a group of developers at Team FailOverflow pointed out a fresh flaw in the v4.05 version that can wreak havoc for Sony and named it ‘Namedobj’.

When the hack itself wasn’t enough, the developers made Namedobj available for the world by putting the file on Github, creating more problems for Sony.

What’s The Exploit?

This exploit is so serious that it allows any arbitrary code to run on the console. Team FailOverflow successfully ran Linux on the console and showed that it’s vulnerable and needs to be patched soon.

This will create piracy issues and can even allow modders and hackers to stop future updates or hack into consoles and steal data without owner’s permission.

What’s Sony’s Reaction?

History has revealed that Sony doesn’t take hacks lightly. George Hotz who’s a popular developer was taken to court by Sony as he had jailbroken the PS3 console twice. George was allowed to go when he promised to not hack the console anymore.

Now, considering the flaw that has been revealed, Sony is spending day and night to patch it up so that hackers won’t ruin them or modify the internal codes of consoles.

Why Sony Hasn’t Taken Any Legal Action?

Sony didn’t take any legal action uptil now because the developers didn’t put up the necessary tools that can help jailbreak a console. Still, this exploit is an open invitation for hackers and modders to run an arbitrary code on the console and make modifications into consoles.

The Bottomline

Sony has been hacked several times in the past. However, Sony developers are looking into the PS4 jailbreak matter and will come up with a patch sooner or later.

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