It Is Possible to Hack Gaming Accounts, Says The Latest Report


Kaspersky Lab’s latest report suggests that it is now possible to hack gaming accounts, and nothing is safe from hackers, including gamers. This means if you love paying games and have an online account, your personal data is at risk, and this is a serious concern since a large number of people do play video games on different consoles.

The research suggested that 64% of 25-34 year olds people are regular online gamers, which rises to 67% for 16-24 year olds. But according to them, this is also becoming potentially lucrative for hackers as a victim’s gaming account could be sold in the black market.

The audience for global games is now worth 2.2 billion dollars, and only growing. This makes the industry a potential target for hackers who could gain access to crucial data like bank card information and passwords which has become clear after the recent attacks on PlayStation and xBox platforms.

Where Lies the Danger?

As gaming is becoming a part of many people’s everyday lives, which is proven by the fact that almost 27 % people regularly use a smartphone for online gaming, the risk is also increasing.

Despite the fact that these devices are not inherently secured, almost 23% of users use public WiFi to log into their gaming accounts and 56 % stated that they do not take any additional security precautions while accessing public networks, ignoring obvious security risks.

As Andrei Mochola of the Kaspersky Lab states, “With a trove of personal information now being available online, more opportunities are popping up to the cybercriminals to get their hands on a user’s private data, which could later be sold on the digital black market. “

You need to be careful if you want your data safe and secure.

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