VPN services usage rose by 300% and 66% of people in Tech are using it


While much of that practice will be because it’s introduced as standard on work devices, an increasing number of people are willing to use a VPN on their own machines in response to the past and proposed congressional changes.

The Wombat Security study found that 41% of those seen use a VPN on their individual laptop, with 31% doing so on portable devices. News outlines that it has seen a 300% increase in take-up of its settings in both the USA and UK since legislative warnings began in both countries.

Back in March, both the Legislature and the House reversed privacy rules created by the FCC, leaving Internet service providers available to sell your Internet browsing history and location data to advertisers.

And right now, the administration is considering breaking net neutrality rules, involving ISPs and carriers could definitely create a two-speed Internet. Companies spending a premium would have traffic to their sites prioritized, while we’d get slower links to the rest of the Internet. We’ve previously seen mobile transmitters throttling video streams.

Using a VPN solves both difficulties as it makes it difficult for an ISP or carrier to see which sections you are attending or what you are doing there.

Source: LatestHackingNews.com


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